Dedicated to all those that still haven't found it, both physically and emotionally
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Four seasons in a song, a bit like me.
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I removed all the fancy pieces and thought I would do this piece justice and play it the way my children would hear it. Always appreciate the little things, they count the most!
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Been a long time coming, for a very precious person. I apologize for the track no longer being available for download but on the current soundcloud package it is limited to 1000 downloads.
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Very much experimental
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Dedicated to my daughter.
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Too often we take the things we have for granted forgetting how much it cost.
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One of the first tracks I wrote solo. For my beautiful wife.
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Sometimes we get played and we enjoy it.
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Kinda, something like that
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An experiment with bass and trading lines
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Dedicated to our first pup who had such a cheeky yet lovable attitude. Archon, we miss you boy.
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Nothing is permanent but there is a time and place for everything and sometimes the greatest comfort one can get is by moving on. Standing still is not seeking.
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Some good old fashion rock!
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Sometimes out of nowhere, someone comes along and things change.
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Late night, can't sleep and this happens, dedicated to my eldest son and his wake of destruction when playing.
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REMIXED! After a break from music I decided it was time to get back into it and stick with it.
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